Six cafes that serve smoothie bowls in Wellington

Everyone has smoothie bowls on the brain! From their aesthetically pleasing appearance to their sweet and fruity taste, they are an all round winner. We have been patiently waiting for Wellington to catch on to the trend and now that a few places finally have, we have rounded them up for you. Let us know down below if there are any other smoothie bowl places that we need to try!


Seize is always our go-to when it comes to healthy alternatives. We frequent this place early morning, before work and love their breakfast menu. Matcha waffles,Β acai bowls and turmeric lattes? Yes please! Super delish and plenty of toppings to fill you up.

seize.pngPhoto credit: @seizewellington

Southern Cross

Southern Cross offers a decent range of vegan/vegetarian/healthy options including their Buddha Bowl and various raw cabinet treats. Their smoothie bowl has the true berry colour and flavour, topped with coconut flakes, banana, chia and blueberries. It tastes good however it is not super filling so be aware!

southern cross.jpg

Where’s Charlie

This is the second shop that Where’s Charlie has opened, along Lambton Quay. They offer over five different flavour combinations of Smoothie Bowls (this one was Raspberry & Almond). These smoothie bowls are super filling, thick and delicious! As you can see, they have a lot of fruit, granola and other toppings that make it a substantial and filling breakfast.

wheres charlie.jpg

Coco at the Roxy

Located in Miramar inside the Roxy Cinema, Coco at the Roxy is doing some pretty awesome stuff cuisine wise and now they have hopped on the smoothie bowl train. The Green Goddess – green apple, spinach, kiwi and kale, almond butter, coconut cream and cinnamon nut crumble.

coco at the roxy.jpgPhoto credit: @cocoattheroxy

Cafe Refuel at Les Mills Extreme

The cafe in our gym has never been our go to if we are being honest, normally we are rushing from our Saturday morning yoga class to a new brunch location (the list is never ending…). However that may have all changed! We are yet to try the new menu from Cafe Refuel but we have our eye on their new range of smoothie bowls. Pictured is theΒ Super Green Smoothie Bowl with Banana, Spinach, Honey, Good Green Stuff, Vanilla Plant Protein w Kiwi, Banana, Granola & Coconut Cream.

cafe refuel.pngPhoto credit: @caferefuel

Two Grey

The new kid on the block is killing it already – the first place we have found that does actual Acai bowls! Super yummy and filling. Β The ambiance of this place is amazing too, we sat in the window and people watched as we ate our Acai bowls and drank our kombucha.


Alana & Victoria.

Instagram: @capitaleats_


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